A.I. enhances, unlocks, and unleashes potential for builders.
I'm still bullish on the web-based super-segment of the metaverse.
Consider using open standards for interoperability (if you want your wearables to work).
Creators rights in the age of open standards for interoperability.
Wearables, Avatars, and traversal demand interoperability.

February 2023

Before I forget to tell you, here's why
A chat with Tom Ffiske (Accenture, Immersive Wire) Listen now (41 min) | We discuss the Metaverse, Interop, and our ideal virtual Worlds.
Metaverse AMA, Steamy Tub Edition (AUDIO)Listen now (29 min) | Caroline and I take a break from vacation to chat about the Metaverse.
Apply these practices to be more intentional in your Metaverse efforts.
Who are you building for, what do you hope to accomplish, how are you tracking progress, and why do you exist?
Standards bodies, ego, and incremental stealth.
My first paid subscriber update! Pus I share my plans for the newsletter.