Apr 15 • 28M

Lighthouse: Explore the Metaverse with your friends

An interview with Jonathan Brun of Lighthouse.

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Wow! This was a fun conversation with Jonathan Brun, of Lighthouse. I am eager to spread the word about this new platform which combines the concepts of interoperable friends lists that span across various platforms, and portals that help you traverse platforms and Worlds.

About Lighthouse: Lighthouse is a metaverse company that aims to connect the open metaverse by creating an experience-centric web. They envision a future where most social and commercial use cases of the web migrate to persistent, real-time, and interactive 3D digital spaces.

Lighthouse aims to support creators by bringing emerging technologies, virtual worlds, and discovery solutions together at an unprecedented speed. They seek to provide solutions to users' biggest challenges by making it easier to navigate through the richness of experiences that the open metaverse offers. check out lighthouse for yourself: https://lighthouse.world/home

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